Small Device,
Big Possibility

It is small but gives you big possibility.

It makes you easier for presentation effectively.

Be change your presentation better.

With U-Pointer, big large display like projector on screen can be controlled as mouse.

Cursor movements, mouse clicks, and mouse drags can all be accomplished in real time, meaning you'll be able to control what's on screen, just as if you were at the computer.


Auto calibration
Portable and easy to install
Superior resistance to ambient lighting
High resolution and high stability
Quick response time
Don't need to calibration if you change the PC.
Support Windows, Mac, Linux
Bundled free software
Finger Touch(Option)


We offer proposals for various business forms of U-Pointer. U-Pointer can be supplied in various forms such as module business, OEM, ODM, SKD finished products and etc. We will propose a suitable business model for your company.

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