About Us

Company Mission

Provide interactive environment for anyone to enjoy. We provides an environment in which humans and humans, humans and objects, things and things can communicate. Such interactive environment should be provided to anyone. Our worries start here, and we're endlessly seeking the answers.

Our role is to create an environment where humans can communicate with machines in a beneficial way. So our role is very broad and varied from TV remote controls to AR / VR. We will make our mark everywhere in your life.


We strive to become a trusted product and brand.

Technology Innovation

Continuing innovation provides the best products and services.

Customer satisfaction

We will create a corporate culture of customer priority.


We will prepare for a brighter future.


ISCOMMUNICATIONS to know your expectations and entertain customers.
ISCOMMUNICATIONS not stagnant with constant change and improvement.
ISCOMMUNICATIONS in a transparent and trusted environment.


2016 Selected as a global strong and small company
2015 Achieved $ 3 Million Export Tower
2014 Supplied interaction solution to projector manufacturer (H company)
2014 Certification of Excellent Companies
2014 Achieved million-dollar export tower
2014 U-Pointer 2 Developed
2013 Supplied interaction solution to projector manufacturer (B company)
2013 Supplied interaction solution to projector manufacturer (D company)
2012 Selected Global Brand(KOTRA)
2011 Aquired ISO 9001
2010 U-Vision Developed
2009 U-Pointer Developed
2008 R & D Center established
2006 Certification of SAMSUNG IT Solution Partner
2005 Acquired AAA Grade Certification by Technology Credit Evaluation
2005 Acquire Transparent Management Certification by Technology Credit Assurance Fund
2004 Certification of Venture Enterprise
2004 Selected as InnoBiz Enterprise
2003 Selected as Star Venture Enterprise of the Busan Software Development Council
2002 Technology Credit Assurance Fund- Selected as outstanding technology enterprise
2000 Information Acceleration Fund Supporting Company
1999 Established


Design meaning

The visuals that are most closely related to the interactions are expressed visually as the motif of color blindness.

Interaction professional company

It emphasizes the part of interaction by constructing a logo with a combination of circles.


As a Be verb in English, IS is designed to emphasize the meaning of existence.


The combination of large and small circles emphasizes organic communication.

Color meaning

The combination of blue (Ocean) and green (Earth) which reminds of the earth is a color that matches company mission to make our products and technologies use available to everyone in the world.